Things I Love About Mr. 761

Eight years ago today, I married the love of my life. Yesterday I wrote a little love letter to him; today I wanted something more informal….

Things I love about Mr. 761 (in no particular order and by no means an exhaustive list)

  1. he’s a very funny guy; the type of funny that sneaks up on you, the kind of funny that happens because he’s way smarter than the average bear.
  2. he’s pretty quirky. As a result he’s pretty accepting of my quirks.
  3. he smells good.
  4. he’s very handsome.
  5. he’s a geek.
  6. he’s honorable.
  7. he hasn’t lost trust in people, even though sorely tested
  8. he was born to be a father.
  9. unlike me, he’s not a whiner.
  10. he knows that being in a war zone is no excuse for not sending flowers to his wife on their anniversary (see below) ♥
photo of 24 red roses with greenery and baby's breath

24 anniversary roses

I had to take that photo with my blackberry — I seem to have mislaid my charger for my camera. This is a common issue in my house, and no doubt Mr. 761 would consider it one of my “quirks”.

It is not. Gremlins move things when I’m not looking. It’s very mysterious and I intend to look into this one day soon.

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