More Places My Husband Hates (and a few he Likes)…

"Put it on my list, Joanie"

I’ve been thinking about yesterday’s post — it got more “hits” than any other post I’ve written. It will definitely be an ongoing thing, but I have to wait for the pearls to drop from his lips, so I thought I’d revisit some of the places he’s discussed with me in the past.

In no particular order, some of the places on Mark’s List of Places he Hates:

  • Morocco: “I went to buy a scone in the market, Joanie, and one of the raisins on it flew away.
  • Disney World
  • Egypt: “I went to the pyramids. I was underwhelmed. What the hell have they done in the last 2000 years?”
  • Canadian Tire
  • Casinos (“Reno, the saddest town in the world.”)
  • Camping: why would someone want to sleep outside when they have a perfectly good bed at home, or a hotel?
  • Picnics: food and the outdoors do not mix. This is a fairly firm rule.
  • Church: he does not believe in a “great big invisible magic guy in the sky” or a “sky pixie.”
  • Bathtubs: does not like to have a nice long soak “in my own dirt? why would I do that?
  • Sudan (this deserves a post all of it’s own, someday)
  • Spain
  • street names in Hawaii: “every street basically has the same name… a collection of h, w, k, and a’s  in random order in a four-syllable word with a lot of superfluous letters.”

Oh dear, I can’t go on….

Though apparently “the whole UK has issues” too.

Places He Likes

He likes a few places too.  A few probing questions got these answers:

Germany: “Great place; Everything worked. I ordered food in a restaurant and got pork… on a bed of pork!

“Every bar there is like being in a pirate movie!”

Gibraltar: “Joanie, every bar is like being in a pirate movie.”

It’s a start, right?

5 thoughts on “More Places My Husband Hates (and a few he Likes)…

  1. I agree in regards to:
    – camping. Give me a Hilton room any day.
    – bathtubs, I too do not want to soak in my own dirt.
    – picnics, I can have a picnic in my livingroom, on the coffetable, while sitting in my recliner, thank you very much.

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