Rochester, and almost too tired to blog

We finally got to Rochester — through a POURING rainstorm. Much jaw clenching and hand wringing on my part. Am pooped, and in a fabulous hotel that beckons me.

Gassing up at the Sunoco

However, I wanted to post this picture. Through a fortuitous string of events, we were able to meet up with my brother, when he was in transit from Brockville ON back to his house in Connecticut. We managed to meet him in the insalubrious town of  Canajoharie NY. I wouldn’t suggest it for a vacation spot, but looking at the decrepit/closed Beech-Nut factory brought back some nostalgia from long-ago trips through the place on the way to other places.

Gassing up at McDonald’s

So great to see him, and it’s always such a pleasure to talk with him. He’s funny, and authentic, and a great guy. I don’t want to have to drive to Canajoharie again to see him, but if I had to, I would.

Lots more to write about, but no urge to do so at present. The sun is setting on Rochester NY and looking kind of romantic in a rain spattered sort of way. We’re going to get some food and take in the nightlife from our hotel bar. The hotel, by the way, is the Inn on Broadway. Highly recommended.

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