Um, 761 pardons and a road trip….

Hey all. I took a break there. I think I’m back… I just had a few things to take care of.

Today I’m leaving for lovely Prince Edward Island. It’s just a two day trip; if it were a

That's SO much like us, it's scary

movie it would be a mash up of Thelma & Louise and “Driving Miss Christy”… it’s a girl power road trip and a drive to accompany my friend Christy Ann Conlin, who is giving a reading, visiting a book club, and delivering a workshop (yeah, in two days… whew!).

Christy Ann is the author of the amazing Heave… a book I’ve read more than once. I loved it the first time, but love it more and more each time I read it. I’ve given it to countless friends and family members and urge total strangers to read it. It’s funny and heartbreaking and gritty and sparkly and wise. I know that girl, Seraphina (and I’m pretty sure we drank together back in the 80’s), and I am eagerly awaiting the next tour de force from Thelma er, Christy Ann. Here’s her page on Amazon — you should go there and buy her books. Her chilling Dead Time freaked me out a bit, I have to say – made me look askance at my teenage daughters, briefly. Christy Ann has a gift with finding the truth in characters, and showing it so lovingly, and so honestly, that you can’t help but think they might bump into you on a walk downtown. Pay attention to what they say and do, you will be happy you did.

As far as this trip goes, I am merely going along for the ride, and will be wandering about downtown Charlottetown, and visiting with an old friend I haven’t seen since grad school (thank you, Facebook!). I am really looking forward to this trip — it has been a while since I was footloose.

I’ve left my children in the charge of the most efficient and competent (and funny) woman I know. I have no worries at all. This makes me happy.

Will write more later.

Tonight’s event is from 8-10 at

DB Brickhouse (former Off Broadway)

Sydney Street
Charlottetown, PE

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