If this were the 70’s, I would SO be showing you slides of my trip….

…in the rec. room, while sipping cocktails or something. And, sitting on a shag rug, smoking while wearing Sara Coventry jewelry and blotting our coral lipsticks so they don’t leave marks on the highball glasses.

Or, you know. I’d show you my slides.

I have a million images from our trip, and will sort through in a day or so. Right now I’m recuperating: caught a cold a few days ago, and the 26 hour transport/airport extravaganza did not help. My ears are still blocked! (is it just me, or do other people get a bit sick at the end of a trip?)

My dogs are happy though, and piled on me in bed last night, along with the cats. Lovely to come home to that sort of unconditional affection.

Am taking it easy today, it being Sunday and all…. Mr. 761 is back in KAF, alas, but I hope he’s as happy as I am; that was a great holiday.

More to come. A small taste: this, taken from the skeezy bus window while going from Podgorica to Sarajevo. Just sitting there, like it’s normal to be this beautiful….


6 thoughts on “If this were the 70’s, I would SO be showing you slides of my trip….

  1. Rest up and then get crackin’ on posting those pics! Hope things went well for Vickie while you were gone. I thought of her often. By the way, I used to sell Sarah Coventry jewelry. lol Longggggggggg time ago it seems.

  2. I love it! I want to sit on the shag rug! Welcome back to Berwick. Enjoy this rainy Sunday. sink slowly into a warm drink and a cheezy novel. cheers from Union st to Commercial st.

    • I know, I wish I had one to sit on, all of a sudden. Will have to make do with a Facebook slideshow I guess.
      Taking it slow and easy today… the rain is making it easier. Vicky and I will catch up on any “stories” I dvr’d while gone, then making breakfast for dinner. See, I have it all planned!

  3. Sorry to hear you have a cold but I’m sure it was worth the while! Take care. Glad you had a wonderful time.

  4. Oh Lordy, I got a flashback from the reference to shag rugs and Sara Coventry. I think I still have a brooch here that was my grandmother’s, called Red Sails. And shag carpet…oh, let me tell you about that house in Ontario…
    Seriously though, it’s a bummer about the cold, and flying with a cold can be horrid if it’s in your sinuses. I’ve enjoyed your updates on FB about the trip–an incredible part of the world most of us know so very little about, or what we know is bad. And I’m sorry Mr. is back at KAF. Time goes by so quickly, doesn’t it?

    • The cold has almost run its course, though I’m pretty sure my ears are still a bit blocked…. I rested yesterday and today and tomorrow will get myself started on the kajillion things I have on my to-do list.
      The trip was so great, and did so much good for my mood and my frame of mind, I discovered, without a doubt, that I want to travel the world with Mr. 761 – he’s a terrific travel companion, and gutsy and calm and adventurous.
      It was good.

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