The seductive pleasures of the airline lounge


Just a short one…Box 761 will have what I’m thinking of as “postcards” while we are away… I don’t have the inclination to write long posts, but want a place to put pictures and quickie thoughts.

I write this while sitting in the swanky Star Alliance lounge in the Vienna airport. We just arrived after a fairly grueling (cramped, over-warm, middle-seated with screaming child and slightly demented older gentleman across the aisle. The food was bad and the movies weren’t interesting).

I LOVED it. It’s all in the process, right? It was nothing a few drinks and a good book wouldn’t cure.

What I’m reading right now is Neil Gaiman’s American Gods (, a novel he wrote a decade ago and which I am shamefacedly just discovering. He is also the mastermind behind one of my fave characters ever – Coraline.

Like I said I’m writing this from the lounge. I’ve just finished eating a nice breakkie, and then took a shower. A lovely hot fabulous much needed Star Allliance shower.

This is definitely the way to go.