Box 761: cheer myself up edition

I have been having trouble with Box 761. I have lots to write about, but to be honest I’m kinda too busy to do it. I’m not the kind of busy that has to do with not enough time — it’s more that I don’t have the space, emotionally, to do it.

That said, I want to do something, so I’m posting some random photos. Enjoy.

Favorite hot beverage establishment name ever:

Why indeed....?

My dog.

Love this dog....

These things make me happy. Today I kind of need that — am feeling a bit blue. If I could go to that coffee shop and sit with my dog, I’d feel way better today.

This is another good thing:

bff's since 1977, how cool is that?
bff’s since 1977, how cool is that?

This is BFF 761. We’re going to New Orleans in February to hang out together. I think it’s important to get away with a BFF once in a while. The last time we actually did that was when I won a free trip to Barbados at a Scrabble fundraiser. I sat with Shuster, from Wayne and Shuster. He wasn’t especially pleasant, and we argued over whether or not “booger” was a word.  Regardless, I won a trip, and the above-mentioned BFF and I went on it and had a lovely time.

Yesterday we cemented our plans and booked the tickets. I’m very happy about it. Mr 761 isn’t coming, but he’s planning his own trip (Vegas, at last communication) with his bff’s.

Here’s another:

I have always loved this place. Especially the exclamation! marks!

One more thing…. someone got to my page yesterday by searching on Google for “my hot naked next door neighbour sunbathing nude”. I can’t begin to figure out why one would search on that, but really, were both “naked” and “nude” required in that search? And, well, sorry that you landed in Box 761… must have been quite a disappointment!

ha! ha!

So that’s it for my post today, dear readers. I’ve reminded myself of things that I like, and shared them with you. I’m feeling !better! already!