If you are looking for my weaving blog, it can be found here.

“Box 761” is my post box number. I have always loved getting the mail; it’s one of my favorite daily errands. Who knows what will be in that box? Letters? Parcels? All of it will be some sort of information passed on to me.

I think that every person, no matter how “important”, has a story — a story that is important to someone. Every thing also has a story. My stories may not be earth shattering, or important, but oh how I love them. I believe that we all build a life, piece by little piece. We “write” these lives as we go, and sometimes we write a script and try to follow it. My scripts don’t usually work out, and the story sometimes has a surprise ending….

Box 761 is my life. All that I hold dear is here; my dreams grow here, my loves and mistakes and secrets reside here.  In simple things we often find stories that are universal.

Every thing has a story.

5 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks Jenny! I love your blog. Made your green beans the other night and got raves. I don’t really like green beans much, but loved those.

  1. I so appreciated your comments. It seems Canadian authors (maybe all authors today) need to know how to brand themselves and promote their work as well. I have been in the communications field – primarily in consumer and travel – for over 30 years. I’m pretty good at what I do in my field, so when I published my first book two years ago, I thought I best leave the promotion to those in the know. But budgets are tight, publishers are struggling, their resources stretched thin. In the end, I will have no choice the next time around,but to promote myself as well as my work.

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